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Sermon Notes

How to Get From Here to Yonder - Joshua 1:1-9     Week 1



Question:  How do we move from where we are in our spiritual walk with God to a place of victory and great blessings?


Receive God's challenge.  Verse 2

                .  We honor God in our willingness to trust Him during hard times.

                .  God often reveals His power best in times of seemingly great challenge.

                .  Our greatest challenge is the challenge of the unknown.

                                .  Most of us in one way or another fear the unknown so much that we

                                    settle for lack of blessings and status quo instead of facing our challenges.

                                .  Following God into an unknown territory, though, creates in us a dependency

                                    on Him which can lead to victory.

Recognize God's commitment.  Verse 5

                .  When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, He promises us His power and presence for our   


                                .  Even when we don't see God, He is there.

                                .  He has given us His Spirit to live in us so we won't be alone.

Respect God's Commands.  Verse 7

                .  God calls us to be obedient to His Word in our lives.

                .  This respect for God's Word is to be ...

                                . complete.

                                                .  We cannot treat Scripture as a buffet line in which we pick and choose

                                                    what we will obey.

                                .  consistent.

                                                     Christianity is not a weekend religion that makes no difference in

                                                      daily living.

                                                                .  Relationship with a personal, powerful and ever-present God.

                                                                .  Lifestyle.